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To do today, Sun 16th June

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This to-do list is really easy to use. The instructions below show what it can do.

1. New task

Simply click on ' New task'. Write your task, then press 'Enter' to save it and edit the task duration.

2. Task Duration

Set yourself a time limit to complete the task. This helps you maintain your focus.

Enter the duration, in minutes, where it says ' Time'. For example for 1 hour, enter '60'. Finally, press 'Enter' to save.

3. Editing

To amend the task name or duration, simply click on them and begin typing. Remember to press 'Enter' to save them.

4. The Timer

Press the start icon () to begin the countdown timer for that task. You'll see the time decrease each minute. Click the pause icon () to stop the timer.

5. Completing a task

The time will run down to zero and the task will be considered complete. If you finish the task ahead of time just pause the timer, change the time to 0 and press 'Enter'. Good work!

6. Deleting a task

You can delete a task by clicking the trash icon (). To delete all tasks, click the red trash icon at the top ().

7. Notifications

Allow notifications to get updated when the timer runs out.


New task and time
Edit task and time
Start the countdown timer
Pause the countdown timer
Delete individual task
Delete all tasks
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