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Extend the page height for GTM Preview

Ever needed to see the content behind the GTM Preview pane? Now you can.

GTM preview mode is an essential part of the tagging process. But it's annoying when you need to look at a page element that's hidden behind the GTM preview pane.

I've created a bookmarklet that will extend the height of the page (by 270px) so you can scroll to the end of the page and still see the GTM preview.

Simply drag the link below into your bookmarks bar.


Now click the bookmark and you should be able to scroll to the bottom and see it above the preview pane.

This isn't a foolproof solution as it doesn't work on some pages. If you find a better way of doing it, please let me know.

Alternatively, you can minimise the GTM preview pane using the down arrow highlighted in yellow below, but then you need to maximise is again to see your tags and variables.

Screenshot of the Google Tag Manager preview window with the minimise icon highlighted in yellow.

If you've got any questions you'll find me on twitter @StuBowker.