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Add Organic Search Source to Google Analytics in 7 seconds(ish)

BY STU BOWKER | 30th July 2020 |

Stop spending your precious time manually adding Organic Search Sources to GA. There's a much quicker way to do it.

BONUS: Organic Search Sources list

This sucks!

Every time I perform a Google Analytics Health Check, adding Organic Search Sources is by far my least favourite part. It's a manual process which requires each domain and query parameter to be added one by one. If you've got multiple properties then the task takes even longer.

Copy, paste, repeat...a thousand times!

Recently I snapped and couldn't take it any more. I hunted Google for a solution, amazingly I found one in the form of a bookmarklet. I'm so excited that I have to share it with you all.

The Solution

Here it is:


First, you need to drag the link above to your bookmarks bar.

To use it make sure you're on the Organic Search Sources page in GA. Now click your shiny new bookmarklet.

You should see something like this:

Screenshot of the Organic Search Sources tool

On each line add the domain followed by a semi-colon and the query parameter name for the keyword.

Enter each search engine on a new line.

Now click the "Import" button.

It's worth noting it doesn't allow you to include a pretty name, it uses the domain for that. If you know how to do this please let me know.

That's all there is to it. Your time and sanity have just been saved!

I'd love to take credit for this but it isn't my creation. I have updated the UI smidge though. Here's the original source by lewwwin.

If you need it, here's a list of search engines to include:

GA Organic Search Sources List

This list is an unverified work in progress, use at your own risk. It probably includes a load that Google have already included as Organic.

This tool does automatically ignore any search engines you already have in the list. If you create duplicates your list might grow unnecessarily large but shouldn't negatively impact your data.

Copy All

Thanks to those who have contributed to this list; realhe.ro, @jimbanks, @FreshEgg, @hellemans, Simon Stafferton.

If you've got any questions you'll find me on twitter @StuBowker.