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CLIENT: Black Tomato

The Problem

The data from Google Analytics highlighted that users who perform a search in the Holiday Finder are more likely to go on to make an enquiry. The homepage had a lot of users that didn't go on to make an enquiry. By integrating the Holiday Finder search function on the homepage we believed that more users would perform a search and ultimately make an enquiry too.

Screenshot of the Black Tomato original variation

The Original Homepage

A previous test proved that the three search options (Where, When, What) were used in conjunction with each other rather than individually. This limited the number of results a user would see, if any. The test encouraged users to use the holiday finder but with few results to look at, users didn't make an enquiry.

Screenshot of the Black Tomato old losing variation

The Previous Attempt

The Solution

Learning from the last test, the new iteration had the 'Where' option removed. This meant users were more likely to receive numerous results to be inspired by.

Screenshot of the Black Tomato new winning variation

The Results

  • Use of the Holiday Finder: +230%
  • Enquiry conversion rate: +36%
  • Enquiry form completion rate: +36%